Tamaulipas issued a protocol which prohibits impounds and ensure victims of coronavirus


The protocol for the handling, transport, and disposal of bodies by coronaviruses in the State of Tamaulipas, was already activated. The Secretariat of Health of the state gave to know the necessary action this Friday in the Official Newspaper of Tamaulipas, among which stands out the closure of the impoundment and the revelation of victims of COVID-19.

Article 16 prohibits the funerals, the ceremonies luctuosas, or any concentration of people in places that perform the cremation. The contact with the cadavers is also prohibited and the cremation must be 12 hours after the death. The guidelines have the objective of avoid the spread and contagion of the virus.

The Secretariat of Health is the agency responsible for overseeing that all sectors comply with the protocol. The institutions with the infrastructure to conduct cremations must abide by the General Health Law and contribute to the state authorities with the resources available without the need of receiving compensation.

The document, entitled Guidelines for the Handling, Transportation and Disposal of Bodies of Deceased Persons due to disease generated by the virus SARS-COV2says that the vehicles used for the transport of corpses will have to be cleaned and decontaminated with hypochlorite. The coffin will be the body in the sanitary bag and immediately perform the incineration.

Both transient and 23 articles report that the measures apply to health workers, cemeteries, crematoria, funeral homes, and amphitheaters. Who does not comply with the measures will be sanctioned. The use of personal protection such as aprons with long sleeves, face shield, nitrile gloves is required for those who attend to and delivered dead bodies to the hospital units. In addition, they will have to inform and train on the measures of personnel protection health labor.

The corpses must be disinfected within an isolation room with hypochlorite of sodium to 100%, removed tubes, catheters, and drains, and dressing with waterproof material. Next, they must be envolvidos bedding disinfected to be introduced in bags sanitary and plastic with airtight seals. The finish is sprayed again with hypochlorite and is identified with an index card with photo and personal data of the victim.

The funeral companies in the state will be responsible for classify and manage the waste, catalogued as hazardous biological infectious. It shall be prohibited to perform autopsies and to impound and store the corpses, with the exception of “clinical indications strictly informed” or official orders, says the article 8.

The government of Tamaulipas confirmed on Saturday its first death from COVID-19. It is a female homemaker, age 54, a resident of Reynosa. The official figure in Tamaulipas is 30 confirmed cases, three fully recovered and a death.

The patient came to the city from Sinaloa and was hospitalized in the early morning of 3 April at the General Hospital of Reynosa with respiratory failure and decompensation metabolic. The woman died at 08:00 hours the same day and today it was confirmed that the death was by coronavirus.

The holder of the Secretariat of Health in Tamaulipas, Gloria Molina Gamboa, explained that the patient was suffering from diabetes and morbid obesity. The victim’s case was analyzed in the State Laboratory of Public Health, where 3 tests were positive for the virus, and 17 were negative. The new positive cases corresponds to a woman, 42 years old, a man of 29 and another of 51a resident of Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas.

“Today, more than ever, faced with the imminent presence of the local transmission of the virus, to them I urge you to stay in your home, to keep a healthy distance between the people that surround them, to follow with attention all the prevention measures, to read and listen to only the news and releases that we issue from this Secretariat,” said Gamboa.

In the meantime, the state governor, Francisco Cabeza de Vaca, explained via Twitter: “we Regret to inform that the COVID19 has claimed the first victim in Tamaulipas. Families tamaulipecas, again, I say: let’s take care of our health. Stay at home”.

Tamaulipas is facing another crisis in front of the coronavirus. The state that is located on the border with the united States, it is the home of at least 13,000 migrants central american, which complicates the ability to care for patients. For this reason, have called for testing of all persons who are in shelters or houses of the migrant, and have sinthomatology in order to detect possible infected and serve as soon as possible.

In Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 increased to 1,890 patients confirmed, reported the Secretariat of Health (SSa). The number of fatalities increased to 79. There are 5,827 suspected cases, 9,467 negative cases, and a total of 17,184 people studied. In a single day, increased by 202 confirmed cases and 19 deaths from coronavirus in national territory.

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