Tank top trend to introduce normcore into wardrobe

From ‘B-Series’ apparel to Gen Z epitome of fluid elegance: itank top, or white tank top, is one of the essential clothing in the summer season. The reasons for the success, which cyclically brought back one of the most basic garments in the wardrobe as a protagonist on the catwalk, are soon explained: simple but not trivial, neutral but customizable, the tank top a versatile and stylish garment. Which, especially in the hottest months of the year, would be hard to miss.

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story of an iconic garment

Born at the beginning of the last century as a purely masculine garment, the tank top was soon ‘liberated’ from the role of mere intimate accessory that was assigned to it. Initially hidden under sweatshirts and sweaters, the tank top has turned into a garment to be proudly displayed, casual and comfortable but undeniably sexy at the same time. The credit has to be given to great icons of classic cinema like Marlon Brando and James Dean who epitomized the iconic nature of the white tank top in movies like ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ and ‘Rebel Without a Cause’.

tank top tank top |  Life & People MagazineInstead, we’ll have to wait until the ’90s to see the tank top triumph in the women’s wardrobe as well. On the one hand, Kate Moss pairs it with a denim skirt and basic trousers; On the other hand, queens of R&B music such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé flaunt it in video clips and on the red carpet. There is nothing much to add: the tank top has now entered the Olympus of clothing that everyone, regardless of gender and age, should have in their wardrobe. And today, the return of Y2K fashion can only do well for this much-loved and popular garment of the early 2000s. thanks to the collections of Prada and Bottega Veneta as well as the vision of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian Proudly immortalized in a tank top, the tank top has (again) appeared on lists of summer must-haves.

tank top tank top |  Life & People Magazine

thousand faces of tank tops

It is not difficult to understand what are the elements that make tank tops so unique. The tank top is actually a real seasonal pass-partout, and is available in several different versions. Simple and essential, it can be embellished and personalized to suit the needs, personality (and size) of the wearer. The most popular model remains the classic one in cotton, perfect for balancing out particularly daring outfits or toning down brightly colored accessories. You can also choose it in a standard or mini version, in case you want to enhance your sculpted abs. On the other hand, those who like to experiment will be able to seduce themselves with the most characteristic necklines: with square, ‘V’, American or geometric cuts, the symmetries of the tank top pass and change with the passage. of eras, fashions and generations.

tank top tank top |  Life & People Magazine

How does the tank top match?

There are no rules for pairing. Tank tops can be worn with a variety of accessories and garments. The unassuming hero of the basic outfit, tank tops go perfectly with jeans, denim skirts and seasonal footwear. But they don’t look bad when paired with Y2K-inspired looks cargo pants, hipster pants and sneakers or platform shoes. without forgetting Ka wa sons strict, Bright and colorful accessories. One of the less popular, but more successful variations, minimalist-chic even in summer. Try wearing your tank under a blazer or light jacket in neutral colors. Against all odds, even a simple white tank top can turn into a pretty outfit in no time.

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