Tanxugueiras will end their tour with a special concert in December at the Coliseum de A Coruña – Almomento

CORUNA, SPAIN – Tanxugueiras once again invite La Coruña to their tour. If they had already started the Midas tour on March 27, 2022 in the Pelícano room, with tours throughout Spain, now they announce that O derradeiro diluvio will take place on December 16 in the Colosseum. This will be the show that wraps up their current national tour.

The special event took place this Tuesday at the multipurpose venue and was attended by A Coruña Mayor Inés Rey. “Performance in the stadium is very suitable for Galician traditional music”, Aida Tarrío emphasized at the award ceremony.

Tickets will go on sale on the official Tanxugueiras website on Friday, September 1st at 11:00 am for €22.50 (plus administration fees). From Wednesday, August 30th, more than 500 Galician traditional associations will have an exclusive pre-sale and a 10% discount on tickets.

On the other hand, the three also revealed that they will collaborate to release two unpublished songs in September. The first will arrive on the 6th, with Ruth Lorenzo. At the end of the month they will release songs prepared with Juan Joe Marquez. “It doesn’t make sense to say goodbye in Madrid, it has to be here,” said the artists.

The MP pointed out the importance of investing in Galicia’s traditional culture and Galician culture, which is the symbol of the local government. “It’s a new, cosmopolitan culture that knows no borders,” Ray said.

Therefore, the group of Aida, Olea and Sabella Manero will return to the city once again. Their last concert was in the Northwest Territories last year when an estimated 80,000 people attended the event on Riazor and Orzán beaches, a record number.

They also got to know the gymnasium after attending the “Stretching Gum” special at EMHU 2022. This special connection to the city of Hercules goes back so long that the Galician trio’s first professionally paid concert was at the fabulous venue Orillamar, Repichoca ).

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The surprises they announced included some collaborations with artists they’ve already confirmed to have worked on songs with. Redon, Rozaren, Guardi Gallego, Muerdo and Valeria Castro will join the Galicians in the stadium for the final fireworks display. The show will be hosted by Mondra and will feature two great dancers whom he trusts, Fran Sieira and Artur Puga.

“It will be a unique show surrounded by people. The emotions are real. Tanxugueiras will be brave, we always do things in big ways and this time will be no less”, emphasizes the tambourine player.

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