Tapatíos forgot the Covid-19, or the heat prevented that stay in your home


One week after the first urge governor Enrique Alfaro for the jaliscienses stay in their homes and avoid more contagions of Covid-19, the tapatíos dropped the guard and went out to the street to do shopping and unwind. This Saturday, life returned to the Historic Centre of the capital of the state, which had looked desert-like days ago.

Hundreds of tapatíos visit family, commercial locations in the heart of Guadalajara to make purchases, so it could be seen in areas such as the Plaza de la Computación, Mayor, and Lopez Cotilla, in addition to the Market Crown and surrounding streets.

Without taking into account the sanitary measures which might avoid catching Coronavirus, the buyers are formed primarily outside fruit shops and stores for various products of the confluence of Juan Manuel and Zaragoza, in the back of the Market Crown. The local food of that property were no exception, as visitors were unable to resist food cravings that are sold, despite the fact that they would have to be elbow to elbow between diners.

Others took advantage of the planters of the Plaza Umbrellas, in front of the Cathedral, to sit a while to rest, regardless of the intense heat that was felt after noon. The Healthy Distance nor imported, the priority of those present was clear, after a week of confinement.

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For its part, the avenida Juarez showcased with plenty of traffic flow, unlike the previous days. For moments there was the desperate driver who uses the horn to push for more to be mobilized. While on Independence street between Zaragoza and Santa Monica, the traffic at times was slow for the amount of vehicles and they were out of the parking lot of the Crown.

In days, common the intersection of Juárez and Colón, is one of the most popular and this Saturday was no exception, as they could see dozens of people crossing the favour the green light of the traffic light.

It should be recalled that on Thursday, it reported 68 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the entity, while Friday went up to 81, that is to say that taking sanitary measures, and by applying the isolation from day to day are confirmed 13 more cases, so it is expected that the number already, not to raise in spite of the irresponsibility of those who chose to ignore the recommendations, especially the home stay.

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