Tarazona City Council provides bottled water to center with school cafeteria after gastroenteritis outbreak

Tarrazona (Zaragoza), September 19 (EUROPA PRESS) –

Following the gastroenteritis outbreak, the Turiazon town council has distributed bottled water to the four schools in the area (Joaquín Costa, Moncayo, Nuestra Señora del Pilar and Sagrada Familia) and the municipal kindergarten, as these schools currently have school canteens.

The first deliveries started on Friday afternoon with a total of 25 5-litre bottles, with deliveries doubling to 50 bottles on Monday. On the morning of Wednesday 20 September, new deliveries of water in 5 liter cans totaling 120 liters are expected.

Councilor for Social Services Lourdes Sanchez said the measure was taken after the committee heard the needs of the centres. “They have sent us the amount of water needed for school canteen activities and we have mobilized to respond to their requests. The aim is to continue supply and support until water can be drunk by mouth again.”

Furthermore, Sánchez recalled that this shortage has persisted since the distribution of water to the most vulnerable groups (people with reduced mobility, who do not have access to water because they have no family members or financial need) began last Tuesday. Coverage.. Tarazona Red Cross volunteers provided more than 200 liters of water to 16 vulnerable families and residents in the city.

The Tarazona City Council Social Services Department is also working on a special measure to provide bottled water to other residents of the city, and if that measure is taken Turriason residents will be notified of the distribution method.

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