Tasty beats its 20 years in Siempre Juntos – Siempre Juntos

Tasty beats its 20 years in Siempre Juntos – Siempre Juntos – Cadena 3 Argentina

With a special acoustic

Wally Mercado, Marcelo Settembrini and Carlos “Tuta” García celebrate two decades of Cordovan quartet and will celebrate it with a special show at Forja and with the release of a CD and vinyl album.

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Always Together Interview.

The interpreter and composer from Cosquín spoke with Chain 3 about how the idea of ​​singing with the musician came about. The piece will be part of his new album “Hunch”, which has the participation of established artists.

The band performs this Thursday night at Quality Espacio. He presents his album “De la Cabeza 2”, a double material published in the framework of the anniversary celebrations. Listen to the interview.

The diva was focused on work, although she did not waste the night to party with her model friends. Look the photos.

The man from Rosario, based in Córdoba, was part of the group La Fiesta y Trulalá. He spoke with Susana Buontempo in Night and day. I relived the interview.

Latest from Shows

It is an Argentine-Spanish production. They have already recorded scenes in Madrid and now they are in Argentina. Sight.

The reggae group announced that the decision is for “indeterminate time”, due to health problems of one of its members. They reported it through a press release.

They are under 30 years old and are the children of Jorge and Alfredo Rojas. They beat the rock in which they will participate on Sunday in the studies of Chain 3. “You can have the last name, but you have to connect with people,” they stressed.

Raúl Parentella was an arranger and pianist for great national and foreign artists. From 1991 to 2000 he accompanied the diva in Hi Susan, one of the most watched programs of the time.

The author of “Messi is a dog” took the reading of his stories to the world’s media and theaters. He will be in Córdoba presenting “An extroverted mother” and he spoke with Between lines your preferences in literature.

The woman stabbed him twice in broad daylight in Parque Patricios, after having an argument on public roads. The event was recorded by security cameras in the area.

In the car were three occupants, all of legal age, who were only injured. The event occurred in Guatemala. The video went viral on social networks.

The young woman fell through the elevator shaft of a building in Pinamar, where she was participating in a meeting with friends. The prosecutor Juan Pablo Calderón confirmed that there are two people charged.

The ticket went viral on Twitter. It was the turn of the comedian and influencer Ezequiel Campa and he could not believe the extra he had to pay in a bar.

It is about a 65-year-old man, who was admitted to a neuropsychiatric clinic, from where they assured that the patient had died of natural causes.

The MEP and the cash with liquidation operated this Tuesday with increases of up to 6%. The foreign currency in the parallel market once again climbed positions slightly to 200.50 pesos.

The mobilization will take place towards Plaza de Mayo, with the aim of giving a show of unity after the elections. Alberto Fernández will be the only speaker. The justicialismo, unions and social movements will participate.

Qualifiers heading to Qatar

The match will be played from 20:30 at the Bicentennial Stadium, with the Uruguayan Andrés Cunha as the main referee. It will transmit and App.

New stage of the pandemic

With the data of this Tuesday, there are 116,294 officially registered deaths at the national level and 5,308,781 those infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Chief of Staff led a meeting with the mayors of the suburbs and the new leadership of the union. They will release a document with all the sectors calling for the event in Plaza de Mayo.

The Buenos Aires head of government referred to the march organized by the ruling party after the results in the legislative elections. “They have to accept defeat,” he said.

The Minister of Security indicated that the President will seek the extension of his mandate.

The former national legislator for the Justicialismo considered in Chain 3 that the government’s attitude is the opposite of what they did in the PASO, when they showed an “explosion of political self-flagellation”.

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