Tata Martino reveals Lionel Messi’s frustrations, compares him to Michael Jordan: ‘Painful’

although Lionel Messi After participating in the training of Inter Miami, he joined the training of Inter Milan. argentina national teamGerardo Martino Revealed the frustrations the Rosario star feels in MLS. In addition, the coach compared him to Michael Jordan, the best player in NBA history.

The arrival of the best players in the world to the United States didn’t just revolutionize Major League Soccer. Messi’s impact on the Fort Lauderdale side has seen them win titles, reach the U.S. Open final and even finish bottom of the tournament standings.In addition to his outstanding performance in every game, what is most noticeable is his winning mentality, even His own coach praised him with an anecdote that painted a picture of the 10’s character.

Martino reveals Messi’s character at Inter Miami

during an interview sports world“Tata”, who captained Argentina for the third time, gave a clear example of how strict Messi’s requirements are at any time: “Leo was visibly frustrated after our 0-0 draw with Nashville. I had to tell him ‘calm down, we’re not going to win every game. We cannot allow a draw, but we must continue to find ways to grow. I feel very bitter. It’s like we lost the game.We are still working on finding our team, but He’s always looking to win and it’s hard to change that mentality. I never want to change that mindset either. “That’s what makes it better.”

Although the world champion has won all 11 games he has played in since arriving in the American League, he is not satisfied with this, an attitude that Tata compares to the likes of Jordan and Kobe Bryant A comparison was made: “All of these athletes have a similar mentality. This is a mentality that has not changed since he was 17 years old until this stage of his sports career.. In that sense, that’s what all these athletes have in common. The way they compete. They always strive to do their best. Then there is his intellectual ability to interpret every stage of his life and bring out the best in those moments. They realize how they can maximize those aspects because a person is no longer the same person when they are 20, 25, 30 or 35 years old. “No one can reach these privileged heights without first-rate intelligence.”

Furthermore, Martino, who has already left his mark on a team that has been battered, once again emphasized the importance of his compatriot and what he shows every day in Miami: “I love that Leo is having fun. But more importantly, he has not lost his desire to compete. This is the most important aspect. There are many ways people can enjoy playing games. But there is no doubt that everything is more valuable when there is a desire to compete, when there is a desire to continue to prove that you are the best in the world, help the team and get results. Their joy is contagious and we ultimately prove it. His desire for work, advancement, and closer relationships with his co-workers…that speaks volumes about his mindset. “

Concluding the interview, the former Barcelona coach and Argentina coach detailed how they took care of “Leo’s” physical condition: “Leo didn’t have any plans.The last time we spoke to Scaloni was after we won the U.S. Open Cup. It’s the start of Argentina’s World Cup qualifying campaign and we still have a lot of important games to play and I don’t think it would be wise to have any kind of conversation with Scaloni. The best thing that could happen would be for Argentina to start qualifying calmly. Of course, Leo and Scaloni have talked about the situation they’re in and what the most convenient outcome would be. We’ll do the same thing once Messi gets here, but obviously we’ll have all the information that happens this week. “

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