Tata Martino’s incredible reveal about Lionel Messi

Inter Miami coach Gerardo Martino is experiencing spring They are unbeaten at the top of the table at 12 games, a run that coincides with the arrival of Lionel Messi. Since No. 10 joined the team, there have been causes and consequences. So much so that he’s not even “accustomed” to winning, Obviously, this situation This also affected Leo himself.

With his absolutely winning mentality, He was left frustrated after the MLS game against Nashville, with the coach speaking to his compatriots after a lackluster 0-0 at home.

“Leo was visibly frustrated after our 0-0 draw with Nashville. I had to tell him ‘calm down, we’re not going to win every game. We can’t allow draws but we have to keep looking for ways to grow.’ I It was bitter. “It was like we lost the game. “the coach said in a conversation with the sports website.

Image Messi was furious at the 0-0 draw with Nashville on the day the Carabao Cup trophy was handed out.

Messi was furious at the 0-0 draw against Nashville on the day the Carabao Cup trophy was handed out.

and continued: “He’s always looking to win and it’s hard to change that mentality. I never want to change that mentality either. “That’s what makes it better. “

On how he sees the Argentinian star’s daily life, Tata admits “I like that Leo is having a lot of fun. But more importantly, he has not lost his desire to compete. That is the most important aspect. “When it comes to the desire to compete, when the desire to continue to prove that you are the best in the world, to help the ball Everything is more valuable when you are a team and get results. “

He also celebrated the fact that: “His joy was contagious, and we proved that in the end. His desire to work, his desire to advance, his desire to build closer relationships with his colleagues…that speaks volumes about his mindset.”

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