Tavolara Night in Italy Festival: 2023 edition presented

The Tavolara Festival Una notte in Italy will take place from July 11 to 16 and will provide an opportunity to compare cinema and the beauty of a charming place in Sardinia. Like ordinary guests, informal meetings and debates in the name of pleasantness, not emptiness.

Summer is in full swing and it’s almost time for an event that combines the scenic and natural beauty of one of Sardinia’s pearls with good cinema. In fact he returned from’11 to 16 July Tavolara festival Una notte in Italy., 33rd edition, which each year attracts a loyal audience who travel to the island of the same name only by sea for weekend evening screenings. All evenings will be wonderful Geppy Cucciari, fresh from the Strega Prize and a flood of memes about his interview with Culture Minister Sangiuliano. Together with her artistic director Pierre Detassis and journalist for Corriere della Sera Stefania Uliviin the charming little Gramsci Square in Porto San Paolowhere photographs will be paid tribute this year 90th birthday Gianmaria Volonte. TO Saint Theodore instead, in Piazza Mediterraneo, at the tourist office, you can visit a photo exhibition. Landscapes of Italian cinemaBoth exhibitions are curated by Antonio Maraldi from the Cesena Cinema Center.

The official opening of the festival will take place July 11 in Peschiera di San Teodoro. at 21:00 with a film showing Mixed Erry, Director Sidney Sibilia in the presence of the actors Luigi D’Oriano and Christiana Dell’Annaintroduce Geppi Cucciari and Pierre Detassis. July, 12again in Peschiera di San Teodoro, tribute to the great Gigi Riva with the film Thunder in the sky – Gigi Riva director Riccardo Milani who will present the film, July 13in Gramsci Square Porto San Paolothe winning short film “Davida di Donatello 2023” will be presented Dependent Variables From Lorenzo Tardellawhich will accompany his work and follow the 2023 David di Donatello Prize-winning documentary. Circle directors Sophie Chiarello present with Francesca Sima, producer of the film Indigo Film. From July 14–16 there will be forecasts to the island Tavolara: the 14 th of July you will see the debut Davide Gentile with him Shark teeth. July 15 A film by Paolo Virzi will be shown Drought accompanied by two outstanding performers: Tommaso Ragno and Emanuela Fanelliawarded for Best Supporting Actress at the David di Donatello Festival 2023. July 16 The 2023 edition of Una Notte in Italy concludes with the winning film of the 2023 David di Donatello Award. Eight Mountains directed by Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch, from Paolo Cognetti’s award-winning novel Strega, preceded by exclusive images of a “Special Photographic Journey Behind the Scenes of the Set,” signed by Alberto Novelli, historical photographer Una notte in Italy.

In honor of the Class of 2023 One night in Italy T-shirts will be designed by a great designer. Antonio Marras. The festival of this edition has begun June 10th at the Dome Theater of San Teodoro, with a meeting with Salvatore Mereu and Gianluca Arcopintowhich preceded the vision Bento directed by Dorgali Il June 10 and 11 The seminar took place in Olbia, at the Argonautical Polytechnic University. “Producing and organizing cinema” belongs to Gianluca Arcopinto. June 23 in Porto San Paolo, in Piazzetta Gramsci, a tribute to Giorgio Gaber was held with a show Gaber, monologues and songswith Neri Marcore and Domenico Mariorenzi and June 28 in Porto Rotondo, in the Ceroli Amphitheatre, film screening Earth womendirector Marisa Vallone in the presence of leading actress Paola Sini.

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