Taylor Russell and Harry Styles back together: all the clues about love

About a month ago, Harry Styles was spotted holding hands with Taylor Russell as they walked around Vienna. It took us a little more time to figure out if it was a fleeting flirtation, like with Emily Ratajkowski. However, a few days ago we received the confirmation we were looking for: the singer and actress meet regularly. Translator How it wasactually attended the premiere of Russell’s play, EffectTo National Theaterand then at the party right after that.

From photos posted daily mail, they were seen chatting, hugging and then talking to other guests, including James Corden and his wife. who we know are great friends of Styles. In addition, Corden and his wife seemed to be well acquainted with the actress, so much so that they often hugged. We don’t know if they knew each other before or if Harry introduced them. In the second case, this will mean that things can be more serious than a simple acquaintance, and that these two want to go beyond simple flirting.

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We don’t know how Russell and Style met; they were probably mutual friends. But it’s definitely been going on for months now. However, now he has to overcome the most difficult thing: to go beyond the summer. Summer stories are known, even if at first they seem capable of lasting a long time, they cannot resist the first colds. Let’s see if this couple proves us wrong.

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