Taylor Swift: a thief opens up her home in Florida, and is faced with her father’s


Taylor Swift: a thief opens up her home in Florida, and is faced with her father's

Taylor Swift.

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As the father of the Taylor Swift he said that he didn’t want her famous daughter posicionara politically in the face of the in the parliamentary elections in the United States to 2018 why she feared for her safetywas not exaggerating.

This time it was picked up by the cameras of the documentary film ‘Miss America’ as a team, the singer’s he was sure if they should or should not support the democratic candidates the Senate and the house of Representatives, and the Scott Swift has made it very clear his stance reminding all in attendance that he was the one who had to go out to buy armored cars, each time you the small he received death threats.

Well, this is the last incident that you have experienced in your coverage Florida there will not be contributed to to reassure you at all. In the past, the pop star has dealt with several stalkers, which, at times, were able to even sneak into their mansionswell , it doesn’t cost too much to imagine the end of the day, which is the lead from Scott on the last day of the 17th of January, when he came to your housevalued at $ 4 million– and found himself face-to-face with a stranger who I was searching among his things.

By the looks of it, the intruder has gained access to the interior of the apartment climbing up the fire escape to get to the thirteenth planbut he was running away swiftly after you keep a brief fight with a Sword.

The authorities have been quick to label it as a 30-year old man named Terry Hoover thanks to the collaboration of the father and of the interpreter, and that he recognized in the pictures of the possible suspects, who brought it to the police. Terry was arrested last week and remains detained on bail of $ 50,000 on charges of burglary.

However, the mother of the alleged robbers, it is submitted that this is a it had lost, while he was looking for churches close to the water, where they will be staying and his wife and their three children.” that would have left six months ago, and he asked that the gravity of the charges against him are limited to one per game.