Taylor Swift and her feud with Justin Bieber


2018 The American Music Awards - Arrivals

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  • The t-shirt of Taylor Swift at the AMA’s sent a message in a very clear and direct to all the ‘haters’.
  • That is the way you reacted to Taylor Swift is the first time I’ve heard of the new themes from her best friend, Selena Gomez.

    It is not necessary that we are going to tell you that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift they are not precisely friends. Since the artist for them to Scooter Braun, to play dirty and try to do it with all of the rights to your music, and Justin Bieber came to the defense of this, his / her representative, nothing was the same. In fact, we have reason to believe that the cold war is on between both of them is official, and we know, through the numerous ‘pullitas’ who have committed themselves to each other mutually, thinking that you just don’t realize. Like when Taylor Swfit had alluded to the fact that Justin Bieber had been unfaithful to his girlfriend Selena Gomez constantly.

    Or, like this weekend, where the artist’s ‘Lover’ has the cast of the show is ‘Hot’ in a gym the both of you are going to go. The question is this… how it must have been purposely? We have all the information we have so far.

    “Taylor Swift and that Justin Bieber leaving the gym where we both train in the Los Angeles area

    Poor Justin… Fair, right now I just had to announce to his fans that he would get in the way of the gym, and going to Taylor Swift’s ‘and ‘ forbidden’ to finish the workout.

    According to have a few sources for TMZ, Taylor Swfit I had booked a private session in the gymthat meant that all customers had to leave the training at that time. For the ups and downs of life Justin Bieber was one of them. “They asked for Justin bieber and his security team that they are on the journey, but the singer stood firm on its decision to complete the training prior to do it,” says this source.

    And, even though we’d like to tell you that Taylor knew Who was there and Who knows what Taylor was the one who threw itwe don’t have to know about it. In fact, however, we must clear the water is that this is now in the process of reconciliation, as it is the Katy Parry.

    To continue to inform you about it.