Taylor Swift and That Kiss With Maneskin’s Damiano During Her VMA Performance: Gossip Explodes! (VIDEO)

Damiano David managed to “capture” Taylor Swift’s attention during the VMA 2023: the singer responded with a dramatic kiss!

Edition Video Music Awards 2023 it was in the name Maneskin. In fact, the Italian group is coming home from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey with an award.”Best Rock Video» thanks to the video clip The loneliestrock ballad from their third album Hurry!. A real triumph, considering that sacred monsters of music such as Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica and Muse were in the same category. However, the event that attracted media attention was quite dramatic. kiss that Taylor Swift – also winner of the “Song of the Year” award with Anti hero – he threw aside Damiano David during the performance of the Roman band, who presented their latest single on the VMA stage, Darling (will you come?).

Taylor Swift shares a dramatic kiss with Damiano David at the 2023 VMAs

Maneskin;  Cinematographe.it

One gesture was enough for the gossip to explode. The American pop star was caught on camera blowing a kiss to the frontman. Maneskin in the midst of the performance. Taylor Swift’s dramatic kiss may have more to do with her love of music than gossip. In fact, Damiano, faced with the kiss, did not lose his composure one iota. But there is another hypothesis. During the performance, the singer held a video camera in his hand to alternate between official footage of the international director and his subjective images. This is most likely why Taylor Swift kissed the camera to greet the audience.

The manesquins came to the evening in dark suits, obviously with their own interpretation of elegance: Damiano in a jacket, trousers and very high wedges; Thomas in a jacket cinched at the waist with wide shoulder pads and very long trousers; Ethan with a tight one-shoulder shirt and a new hairstyle of very blonde and very straight long hair and Victoria with a vertiginous split on her over-the-knee boots.

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