Taylor Swift and the new Bernabeu: Outcry in Madrid

Taylor Swift to headline a concert at the new Bernabeu, Real Madrid’s stadium: Outcry in the city

There is also an explosion in Spain Taylor Swift– frenzy. As it happens in the rest of the world. The American pop star, record-breaking singer, in recent years has been dedicating herself to a long world tour, which will take her to Europe in 2024, including Italy, for a double appointment at the San Siro, which is already sold out.

Taylor Swift, brawl erupts in Madrid: what happened (ANSA) – calciomercatonews.com

As far as Spain is concerned, the entry of cruel Summer Chosen to perform in the new Bernabeu: football temple in Madrid. But something doesn’t go as expected and the city is in disarray unbelievable rage,

Not that this is the first time that the pop star, in spite of herself, has had to deal with more or less significant controversy. In the world of music, utter insanity, especially after the pandemic that effectively blocked the sector for two years, has seen criticism raining down on one artist or the other almost every day for various reasons.

And if the artist in question is a singer who, at the end of the tour, will, according to forecasts, hold the record for the highest-grossing tour in history. forbes, So it is natural that criticisms can come on many fronts. Although, of course, few expected that in Madrid such an issue could lead to indignation. Controversy over Taylor’s Live it stirredComing to occupy the pages of the main local newspapers.

Taylor Swift to play at Bernabeu: Fierce brawl erupts in Madrid

It is not the choice of system for his concert that has angered the people of Madrid. The Bernabeu is a holy shrine for fans of the world’s most famous team, but it’s also a fitting facility to host performances from the Queen of Music. Rather, what enraged Spanish fans was another much-anticipated aspect related to the concert scheduled for May 30 next year.

Taylor Swift, the controversy in Spain: what happened (ANSA) – calciomercatonews.com

Almost all of Taylor Swift’s controversy has been about tickets. As happened for the two Italian dates, the coupons were also torn in Spain, being burnt within about three hours. After waiting in line for a long time on the web, ready to do anything, even to spend around 600 Euros for a VIP package, or ‘only’ 70 Euros for the cheapest seat , just to ensure entry inside the Bernabeu.

Unfortunately, many people didn’t manage to get hold of the prized coupons and had to seek satisfaction in the resale market. But secondary ticketing is always dangerous: it doesn’t protect you from scams and above all it often ends up in the hands of real ‘loan sharks’. Not surprisingly, as far as resale is concerned, prices start at 500 Euros, but easily reach 1,000 or 2,000 Euros, and in some cases even that. more than 6,000 euros, A real madness that has enraged many fans: “It’s illegal, it’s theft!, Unfortunately the words are destined to remain unheard.

It is not the teller who has to solve the secondary ticketing problem. However, a solution has to be found, and that too quickly, so as not to risk putting many music lovers in constant jeopardy, who certainly cannot afford the luxury of paying that much to attend their idol’s concert. Can.

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