Taylor Swift and the signing of a new exclusive deal with Universal Music


Taylor Swift the group signed a global agreement with Universal Music Publishing Groupputting the final nail in the coffin of his relationship with the With The Sony.

After 14 years of working side by side for Sony, the pop star announced via a press release that the new “the opportunity to work with a Jody Gersonthe first woman to lead one of the largest record labels”.

Jody is an advocate for the empowerment of women, and one of the leaders of the world’s most respected and talented in the industry

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A series of images of the company have been shared, also, in social networks and singer, as well as the response of the Universal Music on the new agreement, the group will be a contributor to the global music, exclusive Taylor Swift.

“It is an honor to welcome you to Taylor Swift. With your power and your voice to creating a better world, and in the compositions of the honest and brave than Taylor, he continues to be an inspiration to countless fans.”

“We are looking forward to continue growing of the voice, and the songs from Taylor out to the world,” said John.