Taylor Swift and the Social Success of the Eras Tour Explained

Taylor Swift Joe stares off the stage as he confesses: «It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me» and the crowd goes nuts. And then he throws himself onto a stage hidden from public view for a spectacular change of clothes. Taylor drags the audience into ecstasy as she sings “Karma Is My Boyfriend” in the rain. just open tiktok (actually, swift-toke) to make sense of this period, there’s only one name for the spring of 2023, and that’s that of the pop star who grew up in Pennsylvania and flourished in Nashville, the heart of country music. His era travel, while the European dates are awaited (and therefore, eagerly awaited in Italy) to be announced, is a phenomenal success. Despite the price of tickets – which, closer to the date and for the best seats, could even reach $10,000 – despite adverse weather that ruined many dates, Taylor, with her US tour, was winning all Hai, showing the world what it’s like to have fans who love them above all else.

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fever ofera travel (in which Swift, musically, with a charismatic stage presence, a beautiful voice and catchy lyrics, punctuates the last 10 years of her career, her “era”, in fact), is on such a high level that It is really difficult to understand this phenomenon if you do not see it with clear vision. Just enter the pop star’s name in the TikTok search bar and feel it and end up in a world of songs, sure, but also tears, screams of excitement, collective displays of affection and presence, respect and warmth from their fans. . Really fever. Most representative are videos of people who couldn’t get (or couldn’t afford) tickets to concerts and they find themselves, along with thousands of others swifty, Outside the stadium they were singing their songs as if it were one voice.

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Then there are videos of little girls being surprised by their moms with an unexpected ticket to Taylor’s concert: and tears rolling down the aisles of emotion for those “thank yous” that come from the heart, like Swift’s song for those little girls. Going to the concert it really was a matter of life and death. there are Millennials who have followed the singer since the beginning of his career, who today celebrates her global success as if it were a sister on stage and not a world-renowned artist. are groups of girlfriends who go together to celebrate their bond by wearing i friendship bracelets, the 2000s friendship bracelets that Taylor mentioned in the song “Midnights” and which became the stylistic hallmark of the entire tour. You enter with a few bracelets on your wrist, then, in a game of bonding and exchange with your neighbor, you exit with an arm full of vintage jewelry.

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The Swift event is truly one of a kind and it can be said that there is nothing like it in Italy. tried to explain it Guardian, who labeled Taylor Swift as “the most hardworking pop star ever” and celebrated her for her ability to connect with her fans beyond online community and, above all, beyond mundane marketing. She seems to really care, says journalist Guardian In analyzing Swift’s concerts, for those willing to shell out thousands of dollars for her and stand for hours in pouring rain. Good is reciprocal, therefore worthy.

Most of all, however, Taylor has understood how to communicate with the people who listen to her: At concerts she includes them, thanks them for their success, prods them, inspires them, Launches feminist chants and celebrates love, even one that’s over. Even Her Fans Are Willing To Forgive Her For Her New Love (Apparently) Matt HealyA guy you wouldn’t want next to your best friend, let alone a goddess like Taylor.

Together era travel, in short, we are a fan service, or a product created for the use and consumption of fans containing easter eggs, or quotes from Taylor’s life or career (known to all who have been following her over the years) Dealing with striking cases. That they make you feel part of one big family. Swift, of course, makes her own contribution to this, because she is so good: she holds the stage like few others, she seems tireless, she has a show that is thought out to the smallest detail, the songs fit her They talk about him, but he also belongs to the listeners. This applied to the choreography, the looks, even off-air, such as when Taylor noticed a particularly abrupt security guard with the girls in the front row, during a concert in Philadelphia, and when When he was singing he was literally scolded from the stage. on a particularly rainy evening, Taylor didn’t even stop in front of the floor blocked by too much water. Her fans love her dedication, a quality that can be discerned in few pop stars of her stature. We don’t know what the next era of Taylor Swift will bring, but what is certain is that this is the brightest time in her career.

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