Taylor Swift as Dazzler wows with new art amid Deadpool 3 rumors.


  • Taylor Swift as Dazzler in Deadpool 3 has made a lot of noise online, and her fan art has gone viral.
  • Dazzler, a pop sensation with the ability to transform sound into light, would be the right character for Swift in the MCU.
  • The possibility of Taylor Swift appearing in Deadpool 3 is supported by her friendship with Ryan Reynolds and connection to the Deadpool saga.

Thanks to a wave of new Deadpool 3 rumors, incredible fan art depicting Taylor Swift as Dazzler has gone viral. Having just completed the first leg of her The Eras tour in the US, Swift has never been more popular. As a result, the very idea of ​​a possible MCU add-on has created a buzz on the internet (whether the rumors are true or not).

Speaking of which, a hugely popular artwork depicting Taylor Swift as X-Men’s Dazzler has gone viral amid growing rumors that Swift will appear as Marvel Comics’ Alison Blair in Deadpool 3. With the ability to transmute sound vibrations into light and energies, Dazzler is also a pop sensation in the Marvel Universe, not unlike Swift herself. Therefore, the appearance of Swift as Dazzler is definitely suitable for the MCU. The incredible work of artist Stephen Defendini posted on Instagram can be seen below:

Whether it happens or not, Defendini’s work is a great concept that perfectly demonstrates what the extravagant Taylor Swift can look like as Dazzler in Deadpool 3.

Why Taylor Swift’s appearance in Deadpool 3 makes sense

Deadpool 3 will reunite Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in a multiverse adventure that likely explores the ultimate realities that 20th Century Fox’s Marvel films took place in, such as the X-Men and Fantastic Four films, Ben’s Daredevil Affleck, Jennifer Garner. Elektra and others. In this regard, it has already been confirmed that Garner’s Elektra will appear in Deadpool 3. There are even rumors that Channing Tatum could appear as Gambit, as he has been linked to the role for over a decade despite never being made into a movie.

Swift’s guest appearance as Dazzler would be out of place in a film that could have even more multiverse madness than Doctor Strange 2. Similarly, Taylor Swift is friends with Reynolds and his real-life wife Blake Lively, referencing their children in her music. Swift’s cats technically appeared in Deadpool 2 on the shirt Reynolds wore in the film. Also, Reynolds lent his Deadpool costume to Swift for Halloween in 2016, and the house Swift used for Everything Too Good: The Short Film is the same one in the teaser where Reynolds and Jackman teased Deadpool 3.

Aside from possible evidence and rumors, Reynolds himself expressed his desire for Swift to make a guest appearance in Deadpool 3 in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. However, there are certainly obstacles such as the ongoing Swift tour and the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Either way, time will tell if this incredible Taylor Swift fan art as Dazzler comes to fruition when Deadpool 3 hits theaters in 2024.

Source: Stephen Defendini/Instagram.

Key release dates:
– Miracles: November 10, 2023
– Deadpool 3: May 3, 2024
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– Marvel Thunderbolts: December 20, 2024
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– Marvel Fantastic Four: May 2, 2025
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