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Between tickets, flights and hotels is a river of billions. For Taylor Swift, Barbie and Beyonce, pink is the new green dollar. The three icons push GDP to the stars and stripes and more and more showcase the economic power of women, who, in light of consumption trends, seem to have at least partly put the pandemic recession behind them. Not only did Taylor Swift fans cause the Seattle earthquake to generate unprecedented activity, they also forced serious Fed experts to acknowledge their existence. Finally Beige bookThe Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia confirmed that the stoppage of the Eras tour in the city helped boost the economy. The central bank acknowledged that May was the best month for hotel revenue in Philadelphia since the start of the pandemic thanks to Taylor Swift’s concerts in the city. Moreover, the Swift effect was noticed in all the cities where the star performed. According to some estimates, his tour of the States will bring $ 5 billion in US GDP from tickets sold, hotels, planes, restaurants and bonuses that the superstar bestows on all his staff. The average Taylor Swift fan spent $1,327 for the concert..

The moment we live in today – which I call Swiftynomics – is not just the story of Taylor Swift. about accelerating the growth of women’s economic power, economist Misty Heggeness told the American media. Company America also makes itself felt Bayonk is already being held responsible for the spike in inflation in recent months in Sweden and the UK. In the United States, her tour has the same effect as Swift’s tour, contributing billions of dollars to America’s growth thanks to her fans spending thousands of dollars to copy her look, from dresses to nails.

The Barbie phenomenon also hit the economy unexpectedly. In just three weeks, worldwide box office grosses topped one billion, with director Greta Gerwin becoming the first woman to reach the milestone.. With the famous blonde doll played by Margot Robbie alongside Ryan Gosling as Ken, the race to buy tickets and entertainment-related services, as well as pink clothes, has begun. The popularity of Taylor Swift, Barbie and Beyoncé speaks to women’s desire to manage their spending in a manner that is fair representation, fairness and inclusiveness. The female community, some observers explain, wants to be heard and respected.

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