Taylor Swift becomes the subject of a university course

While the pop star is busy with her Era Tourphenomenon Taylor Swift also goes to university, and the singer will be the subject of a course at the University of Arizona.

“Taylor Swift’s Psychology – Advanced Topics in Social Psychology” is the name of the course the graduate student teaches. Alexandra Wormleywhich aims to analyze what psychologists can learn from his career.

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In an interview with the university website Wormley stated that “The course mainly uses Taylor Swift as a six-month example of various phenomena: gossip, relationships, revenge”, emphasizing that “the class is not a seminar about how much we like or dislike: we want to know its psychology.”

He also added that “this content will spark meaningful conversations and serve as a learning tool for learning advanced psychological concepts.” In fact, various themes present in the songs will be analyzed. fast which will be related to the topics of social psychology.

Like, for example, the theme of revenge: “Taylor’s sixth album, Reputationthis is her return after disappearing from the spotlight due to conflicts with Kim Kardashian AND Kanye West. The disk is a kind of revenge of the star to them, and to all the media. In fact, the album was an incredible success,” explains Ph.D. The students know this, but do they know why we love revenge? Do they know how we carry out revenge? Social psychology can tell us about this.”

This is not the first time the singer has become the subject of study at the university: in February 2022, the writer of Rolling Stone USA, Brittany Spanos, taught his first course on the pop star at New York University titled “Swift’s Evolution as a Creative Music Entrepreneur, the Legacy of Pop and Country Songwriters, the Discourses of Youth and Childhood, and Racial Politics in Contemporary Popular Music.” In August of that year, the University of Texas also hosted a literary criticism course focusing on the American singer’s lyrics. An easier and faster way to learn, connecting academic topics with examples from everyday life.

Meanwhile Taylor Swiftduring the last summer date of his tour announced the release of a new version of his album 1989, arrival October 27th. In 2024eras Tours, which ignited the United States last month, will also arrive in Italy on July 13 and 14 in Milan.

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