Taylor Swift crashes a kiss to his boyfriend’s, as if they were alone on the awards ceremony | GALLERY


The United States Of America.- The famous singer, Taylor Swifthe presented himself to the The NME awards Awards to the surprise of when you get to the hand of her boyfriend, Joe Alwynbut it is not limited to this, and also impressed when, in an act of spontaneous and took on the actor’s face, and he planted a the trembling kiss,it seems that, for a moment forgot that they were not alone.

Swift and Alwyn in the course of their three-year relationship and has only appeared at a public event on a few occasions, so to see them together was in itself a surprise, therefore, that when you see them in your sample to express love, it was the one with the mouth wide open.

One of the participants, I was recording a Taylor, without waiting for the one moment to the next would make the face of your loved one and would approach it plantandole the trembling kiss, the one that made her cry out an “oh my God”.

But this was not all, for in the course of the evening, the young couple did not get to quito at the hands of the top giving it the soft and caressing and kissing and loving and a great cuddled.

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