Taylor Swift-dare you open the skirt, and teaches us what it is below


03 feb 2020
(18:50 (CET)

Every few months, and there’s a picture of the Taylor Swift that is, if it makes it to make your promo go viral. It has already passed up three times in the last year, and it seems that it is the image that captivates the lover of the singer from the united states.

In the snapshot, it reflects on Taylor Swift’s most sensual, sitting in a chair, a piano, a dress justíssimo, and a skirt that, when you cross your legs, let your slender legs.

The image seems to have impressed a lot of the fans of the singer, as on several occasions they have recovered, as if it was a photo done at the same time, in spite of the image that are a few months old.

Taylor Swift

The list of all-time

Taylor Swift he decided not to attend the Grammy awards, and has also rejected to perform at the gala as she had done on other occasions. Even though the essential reason for this is not known and the rumors say that it was a matter of pride.

In fact, it seems that the rumor is that the artist was only willing to watch it if you made sure that I was going to win at least one of the three awards for which it was named. The information that you don’t want to.

The problems with his mother

The american singer, it seems that the year 2020 is going to be a little bit more out of the event which, year after year, because of the health of the mother, And the mother of Taylor Swift it was detected a tumor in the brain, which does not have a good ending.

And the point is that he was undergoing the chemo, and it appears that he suffered a relapse, is important in the fight against cancer.