Taylor Swift, Disabled Excluded from Milan Concert: Launch Online Petition

Excluded from Taylor Swfit concert because she is disabled, even though she paid for a €300 VIP ticket in front of the stage. This is the complaint of Silvia Stoyanova, a 35-year-old wheelchair-bound Milan resident who launched a Change.org petition, signed by more than 32,000 people in less than three weeks, asking the organizers of the event to hold July 13 and 14, 2024 in San Shiro to add an additional platform so that all people with disabilities can attend the concert. “I have a VIP lawn ticket, but the organizers are not organized enough to accommodate more people in wheelchairs,” Sylvia explained in a TikTok video. So I was told that if I have a wheelchair, I can’t get there.”

Silvia Stoyanova explains in the petition that she, like all disabled people in Italy, had to fill out a form on the website of the Italian organizers of the event, attach a disability document and send it by mail. “They explained to me over the phone that they would take care of us disabled people as soon as Ticketone sold out,” he continued. While waiting for them to contact me, I moved myself and bought a VIP ticket in front of the stage, on the lawn. It’s true that I spent a whopping €300 but at least I was sure the place was wheelchair accessible as there are no steps.”

But then an unpleasant surprise followed: “As soon as sales closed, the agency began to take care of us. I am one of those who was excluded from the event. Then I called the agency and told them that I bought a VIP ticket, and they replied that “in any case, sitting in a wheelchair, you cannot participate even if you have this ticket.”

Hence the request to have an additional platform for the disabled. “Fortunately, in Italy we have a precedent thanks to the girl who fought for the second platform for the disabled in the arena of Verona, so we know that this is possible,” he concluded in his address. I ask the organizers to stop seeing us as second-class people.”

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