Taylor Swift, dressed like a man, and to denounce the machismo is a powerful video | Song


The artist has made apparent some of the differences between a man and a woman in the society

“The Man” is the new music video for the single, which

Taylor Swift

it makes reference to some of the conduct of the men and women that the society celebrates, but at the same time it’s unpleasant, but at the same time, the question of whether it would have gotten further away from where you are if it were not for the woman.

The clip, directed, produced, and created by the same singer, who was dressed like a businessman-a successful one who makes use of his position to do things that you, as a man, without trial, such as urinating on a wall, and he married a woman much younger than he is, or to take to a party, intense, with some of the other models.

“I’m-so-tired-of-running as fast as he can, was wondering if you would go faster if I were a man,” sings the artist on the theme, which is included in the “Lover”, his last studio album.

In the course of the video

Taylor Swift

there are several references to some of the situations that he has lived in the course of his career, the fight he had had with Scooter Braun, executive director of the industry, which has acquired a publishing company that has released the first six cds of the singer, and he took it out to the right, and his legacy of music, that is economically speaking.

One half of “The Man”, you get a sign that says, “we are looking for, IF they ARE to be FOUND, REGRÉSENLOS TAYLOR SWIFT, surrounded by the names of their disks, “1989”, “Reputation”, “Networking”, “Speak Now,” and others.

At the end of the video, it appears Taylor Swift as one principal said to a man during the filming of “you, you Can try to be more sexy? Maybe it’s more enjoyable this time around?”, in a clear reference to the thousands of young girls lived in when they do a good job, but, man, it’s not good enough to sell.

To get the look of a man barbon, who had the voice of an actor Dwayne Johnson, Taylor Swift he spent many hours in the production of, and make-up for the report through the song, often within a historical moment in the society.