Taylor Swift: even her hairstyle has become a legend

NoNot content with breaking all the music records and boosting the budgets of the cities she visits, Taylor Swift he also positions himself as an unsurpassed standard of beauty. Thanks to her good girl, her hair looks with well-groomed bangs in this hopeful blonde redhead.

Taylor Swift's new tour is impressive: she swims, climbs clouds, drives fans crazy

Taylor Swift's new tour is impressive: she swims, climbs clouds, drives fans crazy

Taylor Swift, pop legend with nice girly hair

Irresistible, versatile, massively talented singer mirror balls plates and planetary awards grinds like peanuts. When she comes to town to give a concert, it’s great news for everyone. Indeed, in the places of his tour, reservations in hotels, restaurants and various services immediately take off (also causing the effect Swiftlation with a corresponding increase in prices). But the amazing side of the 33-year-old American star does not end there.

Flawless hairstyle throughout the concert

Perhaps part of her success is due to the hopeful appearance of the girl next door. Black eyeliner and red lipstick add a touch of timeless charm, while a short multi-coloured manicure adds a modern touch. But the real specialty is long red hairalways flawless.

On stage in Kansas City, July 7, 2023. (Photo by John Shearer/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

With the exception of very intense rhythms, it also manages to be always perfect and with neat hair despite ballets and thousands of changes of appearances on the stage. Far from experimenting with eccentric colors and hairstyles, she allows herself some variations with styling. Sometimes they cover when there is a mood. smooth hairsometimes fluffy in soft waves of the 80s. More often in his simple wavy natural texture. But always with the unmistakable details that set her apart from all other stars.

pop queen bonton bangs

From street style to red carpet and stage performances, full bangs being a good girl, she very rarely refuses it. An unmistakable stylistic figure present in collected hairstyles and with hair free. The root of the eyebrow is located exactly in the middle of the head, usually reaching the bridge of the nose, and its edges smoothly pass to the cheekbones, almost completely covering the eyebrows.

Taylor Swift

Her favorite hair products

At this stage, all that remains is to ask yourself what is your secret weapon to always have such neat hair. Browsing the profile Instagram Her hearty hairdresser Gemma Muradyan doesn’t have details on the products that have been used on various occasions. However, in some interviews, it is the singer Better than revenge reveal two beauty tricks.

She doesn’t have a lot of products in her hair care kit, she uses few hair products so as not to ruin her natural texture. However, we do know that his favorite shampoo is Bain Apres Soleil by Kerastasewhich moisturizes the hair, restoring its softness and shine.

From time to time, when his hair breaks during shows due to too energetic dancing, he instead resorts toceramic spiral curling iron. But these are exceptions, in everyday life, to give movement to the hair, they resort to weaving with slightly damp hair.


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