Taylor Swift Hallucinates All Her Fans With Her Radical Change in Her Latest Video Clip


Taylor Swift Hallucinates All Her Fans With Her Radical Change in Her Latest Video Clip, While J.Balvin Surprises Us With a New Song

The time has come to say goodbye to the month of February and what better way to do it to the tune of Taylor Swift. The singer has surprised her entire legion of fans (which is not a small one) with a theme starring and directed by herself under the title of The Man. Not only is the video clip worth watching, the theme is cool … a lot. Also, this weekend starts with the new from J.Balvin, Imagine Dragons, and even Coldplay.

Imagine Dragons – West Coast

It is a reality: everything that Imagine Dragons launches makes us fall in love and becomes a bombshell. We do not doubt for a moment that his latest work, West Coast, could be one of the most talked-about songs this 2020.

Selena Gomez y Alexander 23 – Rare

Selena Gomez has done it with her last job, but now she has Alexander 23 present to present a new version of her single Rare. Which one do you prefer?

Coldplay – Champion Of The World

Coldplay lovers are in luck, as the band is releasing new songs to accompany us on the weekends. An example is this recently released Champion Of The World, a ballad that promises to make more than one fall in love…

J. Balvin – Rojo

J. Balvin fills our days with color with his latest work, Colores, and after falling in love with Blanco y Morado, he now launches Rojo. A slower song than what we are used to, but knowing its history will be an unprecedented success.

Taylor Swift – The Man

It is possible that Taylor Swift increased her legion of fans after her own documentary was released on Netflix, and just a few hours ago we were surprised again. The singer looks unrecognizable in her latest video clip, The Man, where she becomes a self-centered, macho, and wealthy businessman. The best? This video clip has not only starred herself, but she has also directed and written it (and owns it).

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