Taylor Swift has intensified its policy of the single ‘Only the Young’


Taylor Swift has released her new single “Only the Young”a song taken from his brand new documentary Miss Americana song where we may see a Swift in which he complains of the state, and the political and social evils of the The United States Of America.

It’s not going to help you“Very busy in helping themselves, they are Not going to change that”, “We’re going to do it ourselves,” are just a few examples of the lyrics of the song, which shows off the the concept of political secure Taylor Swift with sensitive topics.

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In an interview with the Rolling Stone Magazinethe director of the “Miss America” Wool, Wilson, he said that it was, in fact, to show off some of the pressure Swift it had to be a “good girl” in front of the public eye since she was a teenager.


“I think that girls in our society teaches us to have the approval of other people is of the utmost importance to their sense of self-worth,” he said.

Miss America a series of documentary films Taylor Swift it will be available, anda l l the 31st of January of the year.