Taylor Swift has premiere the official trailer for “Miss American”


Taylor Swift it has finally been revealed official trailer your a new documentary film it is produced by Netflix in which it will report on the results and it made difficult to be a young woman in the music industry.

“Miss U.s.” it’s run by the winners of the Emmy awards Wool, Wilson,that seeks to show a sideprovocative, inspiring, and emotional a famous singer from united states.

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In accordance with the the executive summary of the official: “In this revelatory new documentary,” Taylor Swift takes on the full role of a composer and a performer, and leaves evidence of his ability to speak without a gag”.

The film’s 85-minute premiere on The Sundance Film Festival the next day, the 23rd, to be added to the end of the month on the streaming platform.

The beauty queen of American comes to the book of the Series, the The 31st of January.