Taylor Swift, her success reveals the hidden side of your personality: choose your favorite and find out who you really are

Taylor Swift personality test
Taylor Swift song to find out who you really are (velvetmusic.it)

Very young, but already a global star: the success of Taylor Swift, which you choose, reveals the hidden side of your personality

Extraordinary talent and angelic beauty for Taylor Swift, a very young artist, is already a real world star. Born in 1989, the singer-songwriter has been on the cutting edge since she began working as a songwriter for SONY/ATV Tree in 2005. Her sinister and heavenly voice soon made her one of the most iconic female artists in the United States. Millions and millions of records sold, always sold out tours and above all, passionate fans who support and love her all over the world.

There are a lot of him tracks become a “legend”, but we wanted to choose three in particular for this personality test which aims to reveal the “hidden” side of each of us. What we like tells us a lot about who we really are.

Taylor Swift song to reveal your hidden side

With such a distinguished career behind her, there is no doubt that there are countless Taylor Swift songs that we are head over heels in love with. However, to try this test, we can only choose one. Here’s what it says about us.

Taylor Swift songs
Taylor Swift is a world famous music icon (photo by ansa) – Velvetmusic.it

Taylor Swift. If this is the song we chose we are big dreamers, but also very determined people. When we have a goal, it is impossible to stop: we are ready to work hard and hard to achieve it, we are not afraid of sacrifice and sweat. We are also real workaholics, always striving to finish what we started.

1989. If we preferred this iconic song then we are open, vital and full of energy people. Comparison with others does not scare us, on the contrary, we think that this is a way to get rich and grow. We love to challenge ourselves and gain experience, even if it means falling, hurting ourselves, and finding a way to get up again. We are unstoppable, a true concentration of abundance and inexhaustible curiosity.

Reputation. Finally, whoever chose this song frank and open person. We love to show ourselves as we really are, we do not hide behind a finger or fake kindness. We do not skimp on words and always say what is on our mind. This is a very valuable side of us, but it must be handled with care, because sometimes we risk hurting, without realizing it, with our “cruel” frankness.

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