Taylor Swift in Milan, Locatelli intervenes

Disabled Man Excluded from Taylor Swift Concert in Milan Knocks on Government Doors. “To attend a concert, watch a performance and have fun is the right of everyone,” he said on Facebook. Alessandra Locatelli, Minister of Disability -. In September at the Ministry of Disabilities, I will create a desktop for a serious and in-depth discussion with all the main actors involved and interested in this topic.”

Taylor Swift concert in Milan, Sylvia’s petition

The case became known after the 35-year-old Milanese was in a wheelchair Silvia Stoyanovaexpelled from the concert Taylor Swift due to being disabled, although she paid for a €300 VIP ticket in front of the stage, has launched a Change.org petition asking the organizers of the event, which will take place on July 13 and 14, 2024 in San Francisco. Shiro added an additional platform so that all people with disabilities can attend the concert.

Sylvia Taylor Swift in Milan
Silvia Stoyanova

Taylor Swift concert in Milan, minister’s message

“To improve accessibility and more,” writes Minister Locatelli, “ we need to guarantee the full enjoyment and participation of everyone in the musical and entertainment activities of life! I am convinced that we can do more and better to guarantee the right of everyone to spend their free time in freedom and autonomy, and also so that everyone can live better and develop their hobbies!

Taylor Swift in Milan, the protest arrived in New York

In the meantime, the struggle of Sylvia does not stop, the young woman intends to make her voice heard even abroad: “Our message will cross the ocean and reach the singer’s staff during a screening in Times Square., in New York,” announced the young Milanese. We are currently investigating the procedure for obtaining permission to advertise.”

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