Taylor Swift is of Italian descent: she is from the Cilento.

AND one of the world’s most beloved and popular rock stars, and also one of the most generous (he gave $100,000 to every truck driver during his tour). And now it turns out that Taylor Swift is of Italian descent.. In fact, the family of the 33-year-old singer-songwriter came from Castelnuovo Cilento, a village of less than three thousand inhabitants near Vallo della Lucania. And according to southern courierhaving learned, he expressed desire to visit the village.

Taylor Swift's new tour is impressive: she swims, climbs a cloud, drives fans crazy

Taylor Swift's new tour is impressive: she swims, climbs a cloud, drives fans crazy

Taylor Swift and the Origins of the Cilento

Taylor Swift’s origin in the Cilento emerged from a book Philadelphia king of little Italy which, written by Charles Douglas, Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, will be presented at Castelnuovo Cilento in a few days. In the volume, the author reconstructedThe history of the star’s family is also thanks to a collaboration with local publisher Giuseppe Galzerano, what all southern courier told the story of the genealogy of the singer’s family.

Ancestor of the singer Cilento

The ancestor of Taylor Sfift of the Cilento was found to be Rosa Galzerano of Baldi, whose son Carmine moved to America in the late 19th century. in Philadelphia, making a fortune. After opening a fruit shop, Carmine Baldi was hired as a translator for a company that was building an American railroad, and then opened a stone quarry and coal store. In 1885, he was already wealthy and respected, married the sister of a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, and later became a newspaper editor and bank owner.

He wants to visit the village

Among the 7 children of Carmine Baldi, there is Rosa Baldi, named after her grandmother. Born in 1920, she married the second American Lieutenant Colonel Archie Dean Swift. Rose and Archie had three sons: Archie III, Douglas and Scott. And the last Scott Swift is the father of Taylor Swift. And it was Grandpa Archie’s stories during World War II that inspired the song Epiphany, which will be featured on the 2020 Folklore album.

The meticulous research work of Galcerano, which seems to have been especially appreciated by the singer, who would have trusted him. intention to visit the village of Cilento, where his ancestor was born.


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