Taylor Swift is the first woman with 4 albums in the US Top 10

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift (33) during concert in Kansas City, July 7, 2023. his new album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Recorded it in history… Getty Images

Record on record. Taylor Swift (33) made a double record in one stroke, the release of the album was enough Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), The disc that instantly conquered the legendary peak Billboard 200, Top 10 best selling and most streamed albums. Add that it is the best seller of the year. and he is TS’s fourth album on the chart. the one who makes it, the other BoardThe only singer in history to break this record. four albums charted simultaneously,

Taylor Swift’s record: first lady in 60 years

Titanic feat. In more than 60 years of collecting music sales data (the rankings originated in 1963), this never happened, And, taking into account the men as well, it’s only the third time this happens, Two men The artist and Taylor… Two men? trumpet player Herb Alpert in 1966 and Prince In 2016. The latter had 5 albums in the top 10 at once, but the last album was posthumous.

In which case Taylor Swift beat Barbra Streisand

Swift, there’s another record at this point Music artist with the most top 10 albums in history, If till yesterday it was stuck at 11 just like the seasoned Barbra StreisandNow Swift is on top…

Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Best Selling Album of 2023

Together 716,000 physical, streaming and digital copies, Speak now (Taylor’s version) Best selling album of 2023. With one big difference from the other: One thing at a time The Morgan Wallen film, released in March, stalled at 501,000. Best seller of 2022? Midnight, also by Taylor Swift. after all The first 5 places in the ranking for the last 5 years are occupied by a singer from West Reading, Pennsylvania. 4th place is the exception 30 by Adele…

Speak (Taylor’s Version) just connects Midnight (ranked fifth), Lover (7) and folk literature (10). Add to this the fact that this is the third album the singer is re-editing. best seller, He (Taylor’s version) refers to the decision by the singer (and her lawyer and financial advisor) to re-release her album after “War” against his former label Big Machine and his manager., Both albums have already been reissued in Taylor’s version (red, fearless) immediately took the first place.

Taylor Swift and the resurgence of vinyl

One more curiosity. sale of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) they have been mostly physical, in an era in which streaming has its own way. However, in this album’s case, the physical copies sold were 507,000, of which 268,500 were on vinyl. But even in this case the singer competes with herself. currently the best selling album on vinyl MidnightAlso by TS (575,000 copies by October 2022),

taylor swift tour tickets Italian Dates Already Sold Out

Eras Tour The song by Taylor Swift also includes two Italian dates. 13 and 14 July 2024 at the San Siro in Milan, Of course, already sold out. Also, fans report on social media that someone sells for 5,000 euros, After all, in America QuickThey stand by following it from town to town fix the economy, especially, hotel industry It is approaching the pre-pandemic figures. Chicago, Philadelphia and Cincinnati are among the first to enjoy the Taylor Swift effect…

eras tour lineup

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