Taylor Swift is unstoppable: pre-sales of The Eras Tour surpassed sales of “Batman” and “Doctor Strange 2” | Movie

Taylor Swiftafter the announcement that Eras TourThe filmed version of the pop star’s record-breaking world tour was set to hit theaters on October 13 (HERE DETAILS), but it didn’t just throw a wrench into the various movie release calendars, forcing, for example, the early release of the new The Exorcist.

The pop star is indeed recording impressive pre-sales figures, delighting the box office of the cinema, which was also left without a November release Dunes 2delayed by Warner until March 2024 due to a cast strike that prevents actors from promoting the sci-fi blockbuster.

According to Deadline, Taylor Swift – Eras Tour has already reached $65 million as a result of pre-sales conducted at the three largest multiplex chains in the United States: AMC, Regal and Cinemark, Canada’s Cineplex and Mexico’s Cinépolis. The figure is higher than that collected in North America by comic book films like Batman (42 million) e Doctor Strange 2 (60 million). It remains to be seen whether the filmed version of the concert will be able to approach the 120 million collected in a few weeks Spider-Man: No Way Home before actually debuting in theaters. It is currently expected to gross $100 million over the weekend. Revenue that would dwarf the total box office revenue generated by other concert films such as Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: the best of both worlds Concert (65.2 million in 2008), Justin Bieber: Never say never (73 million in 2011) e Michael Jackson This is it (72 million in 2009).

We also have to add an important element that in the coming days could further increase the turnover that The Eras Tour will generate: the project actually benefited from a temporary agreement with the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA. , and for that reason, Taylor Swift will be completely free to promote the film. And we are talking about a star capable of moving amounts of money that, to put it in hyperbole, are comparable to the GDP of a small country…

SOURCE: Deadline

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