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The directors and actors reluzirão in the The Sundance Film Festival this year, on Thursday, at a time when the lack of diversity among the candidates, he has been in the focus of the season back to the top Hollywood.

The women headed 44% of the 118 films that will be shown at the festival’s 10 days, which is taking place in the heart of the ski resort of Park City, Utah. The minorities are targeted by 34% and by the directors who identified as LGBTQ, or 15%.

In the past year, women have made up over 40 percent of the official selection of the Sundance.

In the Academy awards, the 9th of February, none of the director is responsible for an Oscar nomination, and the stories of the men, or they dominated the nominations for best film.

“It’s part of a trend at Sundance,” said Brent Lang, executive editor of film and media at the Variety magazine.

“Over the past decade, the festival has made a real contribution to giving a platform to film-makers, the directors are under-represented in all types, and I don’t think that this is a continuation of that effort,” he said.

Olivia Colman plays the role of Queen Elizabeth I for The Crown in the Series

Sundance’s biggest showcase, north american cinema, the independent will begin with the documentary film Series of the director, winner of an Emmy award-Wool-Wilson’s “Taylor Swift: “Miss Americana”, which is in agreement with the streaming service brings up a “look at the raw, emotionally-charged eye-opening” for the pop star.

The organizers of the festival, which was founded by actor Robert Redford, say that they have received a record number of 15.100 movies this year.

Angelina Jolie responsible for the children’s movie “Come Away,”it explores the stories of Peter Pan and Alice’s adventures in Wonderland; Olivia Colman plays the role of an young daughter who tries to take care of his elderly father in “The Father,” and Carey Mulligan is a woman who seeks revenge after a tragic event in the “Promising Young Woman”.

Elisabeth Moss plays the author of the terror of Shirley Jackson in “the Roof”, as Ethan Hawke plays the inventor of a Serbian-american Nikola Tesla’s “Tesla”, and Bret Mckenzie) is a spy in the Second World War, in “Ironbark”. (I)the