Taylor Swift returns to Italy after 13 years

Taylor Swift returns to Italy after 13 years

“it’s been a long time coming…”. Well yes, it took 13 years, but Taylor Swift is finally returning to Italy.

After broken dreams, almost lost hopes, the singer announces her international dates on June 20 “Yug Yatra.“Italy, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. Fans are looking forward to several dates in 2024, but which never seem to be enough.

Taylor Swift will arrive in Italy with her tour on July 13, 2024 at the San Siro. 13, as all but the most loyal fans know, is Taylor’s lucky number, so the first speculations have already begun about a possible announcement on that date (perhaps one of the re-recordings?). There are also those who speculate that there will be a second date.

How and when to get tickets

To buy tickets, it is necessary to register on the page dedicated to the Taylor Swift concert in San Siro by 11.59 on Friday 23 June 2023: those who register will then receive a unique code that will allow them to buy tickets starting at 12.00 Will allow access to sales. on Thursday 13 July 2023.


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