Taylor Swift, stalking case during her tour: one arrest

Police charge arrest and pursuit against a man who harassed Taylor Swift and bullied her artists

His name is Mitchell Taebel, he is 36 years old, he lives in Indiana. police arrested with Allegations of stalking, invasion of privacy, bullying and harassment After making several attempts to contact Swift at home and via social media. More dangerous than annoying attitude. Especially after police sought and confirmed the man’s visit to Nashville, where Taylor Swift has resided for some years, in an attempt to find out where the singer lived and what her habits were.

taylor swift a bad story

The story reaches its conclusion these days on the height of Taylor Swift and her triumph era travel Which is crossing the United States with achieving an impressive success and records.

The police investigation had started in March last year. This was followed by a large number of messages posted by Taebel. A man obsessed with the singer, he was present on numerous forums and social pages of Taylor Swift fans in an attempt to obtain personal information about the singer. His home, his acquaintances and habits: even where he went shopping and if he went to the gym or which barber or beautician he went to.

a real comprehensive investigation that went on for several months during which Michael Taebel planned a trip to Nashville in an attempt to meet the pop star in person.

obsessive hunter is in handcuffs

LaPorte Superior Court prosecutor confirmed the arrest, marked the end of his long investigation. Taebel’s messages, emails and posts have been intercepted, some of which are truly disturbing. The person wrote on the Instagram message… “I’d happily wear a bomb if I didn’t want to be your soul mate”.

Some messages have also reached Taylor Swift’s father Claims to be the soul mate of the singer. Even from social networks many messages have reached their musicians and their dancers era travelThreatened to have a very clear exposure of cautious chatter,

Taebel, who lives in Long Beach, Indiana, had also managed to sneak inside the apartment building where Taylor Swift was trying to access her credits. Taebel, well dressed, elegant, claimed to be a television presenter who wanted to arrange an interview. The singer’s security personnel stopped him. But the smuggler managed to escape before the police arrived.

Taylor Swift victim in case of stalking and harassment – credit ANSA (velvetmusic.it)

a dangerous person

From one detail, police were able to trace his messages, then launched a more effective investigation immediately reporting him for security threats in an attempt to prevent him from purchasing tickets for his IP and concerts in Nashville. Taebel managed to buy a ticket but was stopped at the entrance to Nissan Stadium by someone who recognized her and turned her away.

In such a situation, Taibel’s attitude became dangerous. Social media was accompanied by a series of hate-filled messages in which he claimed that those who prevented him from entering the singer’s apartment should be killed or die of a heart attack.
The first restraining order against the person who signed the other posts and messages is also useless… Hence the decision of the prosecutor’s office to issue an arrest warrant.

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