Taylor Swift: the singer becomes the subject of the exam

“Taylor Swift becomes a subject of study at the university.” Most likely, even the most ardent Swifties would not have believed this news last year. Taylor Swift among university exam subjects? Are we kidding? But in what sense? And in general, who would have thought that the star of “Clean Space” would become one of the many subjects studied at the university? And instead, despite all the difficulties and expectations,Arizona State University decided to introduce this exam into the course degree in psychology. But let’s try to understand something more.

What you will find in this article:

Taylor Swift: The Bachelor

Because actually saying so seems absurd. How Can a Singer Pass the College Exam? And to think that we once studied mathematical formulas and the civil code! But let’s go step by step. The examination subject included in the course of psychology is called “Psychology Taylor Swift – Advanced Topics in Social Psychology“. The course will be taught by PhD student Alexandra Wormley.

The course will use Taylor Swift as an example of gossip, relationships, and revenge. All we’re going to do is connect the various psychological themes that Taylor Swift touched on based on 2017’s Reputation..

This revenge album, the singer’s sixth, was the comeback album of Taylor, who disappeared from the scene due to her conflicts with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. OnlineUniversity of Arizonanext to the description of the examination material we find that it is written:

To be clear, this course will not focus on the analysis of Taylor Swift herself. Rather, we will explore the complex social psychology topics that characterize his work, life, and fan base, including romantic relationships, pretense/escapism, revenge, and social development. The goal of the course is to deepen your understanding of various topics in social psychology through experiential reading, class discussion, and research questions.

Taylor Swift: neither the first nor the last

The University of Arizona is not the first institution to use the star as an example for its graduate students. Even Clive Davis Institute from New York Institute in the USA decided to open a university course about Taylor Swift. The course completed in 2022 is dedicated toTaylor Swift’s evolution as a music entrepreneur and analyzes pop music culture with a focus on racial and gender issues. The lessons were taught by a journalistrolling stoneBrittany Spanos, who commented last year:

I’ve been covering Taylor Swift since I started my writing career ten years ago and have been a super fan of hers for even longer. I am honored to share my impressions of this artist with a group of students. I hope to help them rethink how to relate to one of the biggest and sometimes divisive stars in the world.

Taylor Swift isn’t the first star to be the subject of study, and let’s face it… if all the subjects in our degree programs were that interesting, we’d all graduate super-mega ahead of schedule. Clive Davis Institute in the past, he gave his students the opportunity to take courses in singers of the caliber Prince and Amy Winehouse.

And in Italy?

The first reaction that could arise if Italy decided to introduce a similar theme would be a reaction to the now very famous Matteo Renzi meme:First reaction: shock!“. This is because the Italian university baronial university, where there is still a clear division between high culture and low culture.

And so we still consider these old degree courses to be “great” ones that do little to help you open up to the world of work and we do not give even half a chance to novelty and study of what may seem trivial in the eyes of the majority. Pop phenomena, but Chiara Ferragni herself, if studied well, can indeed be an interesting subject of study. But as always, the hierarchies and the Italian barony do not touch each other, and therefore we continue the old things and we send our youth abroad to keep them from growing old prematurely.

And returning to Taylor Swift as a subject of study, it is welcome if the topic is interesting and thick.

But a small and harmless question: who will get the highest marks, win a ticket to his concert? Please friend!

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