Taylor Swift: the singer is looking for a “specialized journalist” in the US

We know how scrupulous fans can be when a journalist gets biographical details wrong or the pronunciation of a song title about their idol, which is why the idea of ​​creating specialized pens for a specific artist doesn’t seem so crazy. let `s talk about Taylor Swift, one of the most famous and influential singers in the world, who will attract so much attention that the newspapers will push her USA today AND Tennessee To look for a journalist who specializes exclusively in it.

The ad was released on September 12 with a description that reads: “Taylor Swift’s fan base has grown to unimaginable heights, as has the importance of her music and her growing legacy. “We’re looking for an energetic writer, photographer and social media specialist to quench the undeniable thirst for all things Taylor Swift with a constant stream of content across multiple platforms.”. In short, newspapers are making an effort – at least this time – to keep up with the times and focus their attention on a pop phenomenon like Taylor Swift, who, even despite the success of her Eras Tourshe also became the first woman to surpass 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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According to the ad, “a reporter specializing in Taylor Swift” will have to try to clearly report What’s behind this young pop star’s success?, ridding himself of any prejudice and wondering how he managed to win the hearts of the national and international public so quickly. The journalist, of course, will cover all the most significant moments of the remaining Taylor Swift concerts and she will have to travel abroad for work: USA Today fromWe are looking for a person with at least five years of experience in journalism, and something tells us that there will be a lot of requests.

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