Taylor Swift to Donate $55 Million to Eras Tour Technicians, Workers and Others

L’Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour it has already become one of the most spectacular world tours of the year, between exceptional set design and fabulous dresses, the singer-songwriter continues to wow fans around the world. A 52-stop tour that is likely to break the record for the highest-grossing global tour in history, as well as the previous record set by Elton John.

The profit he chose to share with the many people who made it all possible, because as we read on People, Taylor Swift will donate $55 million to everyone who has worked with her..

Taylor Swift to donate $55 million to tour workers

Dancers and dancers, sound engineers, factory workers, catering workers and many others will receive bonus for helping to organize this exciting tour. In this way, the singer-songwriter shows great generosity and special attention to the people who work for her, despite the countless goals she has achieved, she has chosen not to keep everything to herself.

Like her, Harry Styles has also shown to have a generous soul. and in his case, the $6.5 million from the just-completed “Love on Tour” was beneficiaries of a dozen non-profits around the world.

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