Taylor Swift turns into a man, and to denounce the machismo of The Man,


Taylor Swift he had a long-term process of make-up and special effects, to “transform” into a the man and get the video “theThe Man“you want to give a message against the often.

In the video, a little more than four minutes in, the singer, appears, characterized as a the man and to show how it would be in your life, as well as the things that you think you can do such as urinating in public, going out to party with models on a yacht, get married to a woman much younger, or just want it to be a man: “Every achievement that you’ve had it, it would make me more of a leader for you,” she says the song.

In anThe Man“, Taylor Swift he stops in front of the wall on 13TH Street Station, where you will see signs with the names of their albums, from the Fearless to Reputation and the other, with the caption, “Not the scooter”, which many fans say that this is a reference to his legal battle with Scooter Braun, the rights to the music.

“I’m thinking about how happy I am with the release of “The Man”, I would like to thank so many people (…) thanks to all the cast and crew for helping me to become the man he always knew he could be,” she wrote on Instagram.

The Man“it is up to the Love itrthe seventh full-length studio album from the singer, which reached the first places of the lists of popularity of at the global level, and with which he was crowned as the winner of multiple deliveries of the awards, the American Music Awards in 2019, and the AMA’s.