Taylor Swift will be the subject of a university course

The 33-year-old pop star enters a university subject for the second time

“The Psychology of Taylor Swift – Advanced Topics in Social Psychology”This name well conducted by graduate student Alexandra Wormley VArizona State University about the American singer Taylor Swiftthe purpose of which is analyze what psychologists can learn from his career.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica: “The classes will not be a seminar about how much we like it or not. We want to be able to learn something about psychology,” Alexandra Wormley clearly emphasized in an interview for the university website: “The course is mainly uses Taylor Swift as a six-month example of various phenomena: gossip, relationships, revenge,” adding that “this content will spark meaningful conversations and serve as a teaching tool for learning advanced psychological concepts.”

Among the various topics addressed by Taylor Swift that Wormley will relate to psychology are Swift’s sixth album: Reputationsince 2017, which marked his return to the music scene after conflicts with Kim Kardashian AND Kanye West. “The disc is kind of the star’s revenge on them and all the media. The album was actually an incredible success,” the graduate student illustrates. “Students know this, but do they know why we like revenge? Do they know how to get revenge? Social psychology can tell us.”

This is the second time the singer has become a student of the training course.. In February 2022, a writer for Rolling Stone USA Brittany Spanoscompleted his first course with pop star Alla New York Universitycalled “Swift’s evolution as a creative music entrepreneur, the legacy of pop and country songwriters, the discourses of youth and girlhood, and racial politics in contemporary popular music”. In August of the same year University of Texas conducted a literary criticism course on the texts of an American singer.

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