Taylor Swift Wrote A Song For The Barbie Movie? Fans are expecting…

Tam Tam went viral after words spoken by conductor Carson Daly and the singer’s participation in the anticipated film

there is also Taylor Swift Among the artists who will sign the soundtrack of the film barbie, yes, judging by what the conductor let slip Carson Daily.

A Glimpse of Taylor Swift’s Carson Daly

This video went viral on Tiktok within a few hours. The famous anchorman was talking about the film greta gerving And added that the songs in the film have been assigned to the best pop stars of the moment including Taylor Swift. Enough to cause an earthquake in social networks among the singer’s fans. Even a few hours later, Daly partially backtracked, explaining that he had no official news, but was only reporting news circulating on the web.

Waiting for the movie ‘Barbie’

The film ‘Barbie’ is expected to be released in theaters from July 21. The makers drink the preview and the “barbiecore” trend is all the rage on social media. Also because the star cast will participate in this film inspired by the famous metal doll. And it will be accompanied by music sung by international pop icons like Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Karol G Serious efforts. Whether Taylor Swift is a part of it or not, we’ll soon find out.

taylor swift triumphant tour

Meanwhile he continued his victorious tour. Departed from the United States on March 15, “The Eras Tour” After a hiatus from 6 to 23 August – it will continue with 12 fixed dates in South America. But as reported by the official website www.taylorswift.com, new dates are expected to be announced, which may include Europe and Italy.


The concert success of the pop star who grew up in Pennsylvania and flourished in the heart of country music, Nashville, is such that swift-toke, Social networks are invaded by the video of the singer and her fans, testifying to her love “Swifty”, they feel for him. These are the ones who now dream of being part of a film with their idol. barbie,

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