Taylor Swift’s Italian origin

international pop star Taylor Swift will be of Italian origin. His ancestors lived in the Cilento. Here are all the details.

Taylor Swift, Italian descent

The singer-songwriter phenomenon is currently an artist with several #1 albums on the chart. 1 on the US chart. At 34 years old, she breaks all records thanks to her music, relationships with fans and other elements that make her unique.

His family will be of clear Italian origin, Campania in particular. His, like many others, is the story of Italian emigrants who found their fortune in America. His ancestors came from Castelnuovo Cilento, a city of 3,000 people in the province of Salerno. According to careful research, his ancestor was Carmine Carlo Antonio Baldi, who left and emigrated from Castelnuovo Cilento to New York. Carmine Baldi married Louise Eurindine Sorbenheimer, the sister of a prominent Philadelphia barrister. This is Taylor’s great-grandfather; his grandmother Rosa, daughter of Carmine, married Lieutenant Colonel Archie Dean Swift. From their union was born Scott Swiff, Taylor’s father. It was Giuseppe Galzerano who reconstructed the whole process.

Taylor Swift would have had an Italian grandfather from the Cilento.

in Italy

As soon as he heard the news, the artist expressed his intention to come to our beautiful country to learn more about the origin of his family. He wrote it in the bookPhiladelphia king of little Italy. The Baldi were very famous, they actually managed to build an economic empire out of nothing. The reconstruction of the roots of the singer Cilento is handled by US Supreme Court Justice Charles Douglas. The book was also displayed in the town’s main square.

Taylor Swief’s world tour landed in Italy at the San Siro on July 13 and 14, 2024. It is likely that the artist will visit the places where his family was born and breathe in the healing air of Italy.

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