Taylor Swift’s record-breaking tour will become a movie

AGI-L’Eras Tour pop stars Taylor SwiftThe tour, which broke all world box office and attendance records, will also be a movie that can be seen in thousands of US theaters starting October 13th. This was enthusiastically announced by the famous multiplex chain Amc Theaters and Taylor Swift herself, who has already posted a trailer on her social networks, calling the “tour of the century” “the most meaningful and exciting experience of my life.”

“I’m so excited to tell you that the Eras Tour is coming to the big screen soon,” Swift writes, urging his fans to buy tickets (on sale now) and show up next month in “stylish dresses,” “friendship” and more. related gadgets. Obviously, with the right mood, the willingness to “dance and sing” even in the movies.

After raising almost a billion dollars, according to industry experts, the legendary Eras Tour in the States has come to an end. But the film-concert, according to the producers, will give all those who miss the crowded live performances of the pop star the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical atmosphere of the concert, sing and dance in the hall as if they were in the hall. stadium. The film will be shown at least four times a day on thousands of screens in the US, Canada and Mexico, starting on October 13, the lucky date for the Queen of Pop, who was born on December 13, 33 years ago.

Versions of the film in Imax, Dolby Cinema and other major formats are also ready in anticipation of huge crowds storming the theaters where it is shown. Unsurprisingly, AMC has already ramped up its website and box office to handle record buying volume, especially after the unprecedented chaos caused by concert ticket pre-sales.

Pre-sale preparation is already gaining momentum.

In the US, the sensational announcement of a movie event also calls for a reorganization of the bill, especially for major Hollywood films. The first film in the highly anticipated The Exorcist saga, for example, was expected on October 13, but producer Jason Blum has already said he wants to delay the debut of his horror film by a week, even if the new date doesn’t match. with the symbolic “Friday the 13th”.

According to specialist magazine Deadline, the Eras Tour film is destined to at least replicate the concert’s success, given that pre-sales topped $10 million within hours of opening, the same “performance” recorded by average Marvel’s great blockbusters. And despite initial reviews, AMC even predicts that the queen of pop will do better at the box office than blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In a few hours, says the multiplex network, “the flow of ticket sales is already five times higher than is usually fixed.”

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