Taylor Swift’s world premiere of their documentary at the Sundance film Festival


There are a lot of changes at the Sundance Film Festival, where nearly a third of the 118 feature films that will be released over the next 10 days, starting on Thursday.

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The business of streaming media is now one of the generation of a greater number of hits. The coverage of the event on the opening possession for a movie on Netflix: the most anticipated documentary film of the “Taylor Swift”; “Miss Americana”. And, for the first time in a decade, the annual festival in the city for a skiing holiday without a speech from its founder, Robert Redford.

Sundance, to dispense with a press conference on the traditional journey to the home was celebrated as early as the beginning of the 1980’s by robert Redford, the face, the bright part of the event. In the last year, it Initially made only a small appearance at the press conference, and he said that he planned to retire. “We’re at a point where I can go to a different site,” he said Initially then.

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The actor and director of the 83-year-old, who last year said he was retiring from acting, you will still have a presence at Sundance. In addition to being in the hand at the festival, appearing in two documentary films which will be shown at the event, including the co, by his grandson, Dylan robert Redford.

Even so, on the day of the opening, not the purpose of the stars. “Miss American” would bring the Swift to the snowy streets of Park City in what will surely be one of the releases that will have a greater frenzy. In the course of the next week-and-a-half, many of the most famous will be at Sundance, among them Hilary Clinton (the subject of a new series of documentaries on Hulu), Lin-Manuel Miranda (the subject of three documentary films in the festival), Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Will Ferrell (“the stars of the remake of “Force Majeure”, “Game”, and many more.

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The discovery, however, is in many ways the main event at Sundance, where a large number of dealers of the films that will be accompanying you to the cinema in search of the next gem. The last year has offered many dramas and documentaries recognized as “The Farewell” (“The farewell”), “Honey-Boy”, “Apollo 11”, “Clemency” and “American Factory”.

A documentary film that would succeed it will be released on Thursday. “Crip’s Camp”, which was directed by Jim LeBrecht, and Nicole Newnham, begins with the story of an itinerant summer camp for teens with disabilities, in the mountains, the cathedral city of the state of New York. But he goes beyond that to write the history of the movement for the rights of people with disabilities-this camp has given so much momentum. This is from the movie, the latest from the company is the producer of the Barack and Michelle Obama, Higher Ground.

John Cooper, the director of the festival, is also out to take on the role of director emeritus. During his last year in front of a Sundance film, Cooper said he was excited to be aligning with a number of good entries for the opening day. “This is the day of the opening of the very exciting and appealing,” said Cooper. ‘Sets the agenda for what we will do in the next 10 days.”

“Crip’s Camp” is also a movie from Netflix. In an interview, Cooper spoke matter-of-factly about the impact of the companies in the streaming of independent films. In the past year, Amazon made a series of acquisitions of guys in Sundance, (“Late Night,” “The Report”), which have periods of the classical and projection in movie theaters. This year, you come even more. Disney-Plus movies in the festival. And WarnerMedia, prior to the launch of HBO’s the Max, it will offer you a receipt.

“The business of streaming do they mean a pure benefit for the independent film,” Cooper said. “In the last 10 years it has been possible to see the success of the tape independent on the numbers on the rooms. Before it didn’t even exist such a possibility. There have been exceptions to the rule, and then they made it a rule that everyone must follow. With the streaming, I don’t think the number of eyes on these films, it is much, much bigger.”

“This is a great time for storytelling,” he said. “What’s complicated is how to get to your audience, but what they are finding an audience in to a greater extent than what they used to be”.