Team USA captain stresses: “Lionel Messi joining Inter Miami is positive for the country” Football | Sports

Since Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami, the Argentinian star has become a daily topic of conversation in American football, with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner revolutionizing the football perspective in a growing country. Before the 2026 World Cup.

Ahead of this Saturday’s showdown between the United States and Uzbekistan, Team USA and AC Milan soccer player Christian Pulisic was asked at a press conference about the impact Messi has had on MLS and across North America. impact, with the American captain expressing his certainty that the Argentinian’s presence can only bring positive things.

“Obviously Messi’s presence is only a positive thing for the country. So I love watching and following in Miami’s footsteps. Obviously, some of our American teammates are there too and they’re playing really well, so it’s great to see Messi How to come in and help improve the level of the team,” Pulisic explained.

Likewise, Pulsic recognizes that Messi’s appearance at any U.S. game will draw special attention around the world to what’s happening in North American soccer, thereby spurring international growth.

“It’s a big help. I mean obviously, all the games Messi plays in MLS and cup competitions become big games. Everyone is there to watch them and it’s exciting and fun, ” he added at the press conference.

Kremarski was also praised by Messi

Likewise, Pulisic’s interview on the podcast recently came to light “The American Dream” by Tim Rehm, The AC Milan player praised 18-year-old footballer Benjamín Cremaschi, who was at the USMNT training camp with him.

“I really like this boy from Miami. He’s a good kid. It’s been exciting to follow Miami lately for obvious reasons. If I like it. In the few practices I’ve seen him in, I’ve seen a lot of potential in him. .” he added. (Four)

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