Technical data iPhone 11 Pro, a Smartphone for the filming of the video clips of Lady Gaga


TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – mother-Monster-Lady Gaga has) recently a new song with the title “Stupid love”, on Friday (28/2/2020.

But who would have thought, the music video is already uploading to YouTube, you is not with a professional camera, but rather a combination of iPhone 11 Pro.

This phone was in September 2019 with a three-camera rear, where users can easily zoom in, the between ultra-wide, wide-angle and telephoto lens.

The viewers can also see a video with a quality, stable and secure on the 4K TV.

Lagu “Stupid Love” is the single from his first solo after 2017, which is the feeling of the pop is different than the previous album “Joanne” the year 2016 is a differentiated country.

Films with the iPhone 11 Pro has its own set of calculations for you, in the light of this is each of your comeback after three years.

Apple as the manufacturer of the iPhone 11 Pro uploaded also, as the process of recording with the camera of the smartphone. quoted from page UK, Tuesday (3/3/2020), Lady Gaga is not the first musician who decided to have an iPhone for the filming of the video clip.

Selena Gomez already had with the iPhone 11 Pro for clips of his new album, “Rarely” in the last year.