Technical Data Of The Sony Playstation 5 Rumors Specs


Tekno, Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) is expected to skate at the end of this year. The rumor specification of Sony Playstation 5 gives an overview of how advanced the game console.

Quoted from: page okezone, Although there are only rumors, at least, the detail specifications of this could give an idea of how the game consoles of the new Sony advanced.

This Is The Leaked Specs Of The Playstation 5

  • 13.3 TF Custom RDNA-2 GPU @ 1.7 GHZ with 60 processing units
  • AMD Zen2 8-core @ 3.4 GHZ (Sony is working to increase to 3.7 GHZ)
  • OF RAM 16 GB OF GDDR6 + 4GB DDR4
  • [email protected]/S @ 1TB
  • RT and 3D dedicated Audio cores
  • 565GB bandwidth
  • Full-digital backwards compatibility with every PlayStation console and handheld for a library of 1000’s of games on day 1
  • Improved Dual Shock 5 with a haptic actuator, heartbeat monitors and built-in microphone
  • PlayStation AI wizard that allows you to modify games to create, parties, and more with voice commands

Earlier it was reported that the PS5 and Xbox-X series-touted rely on GPUS from AMD.

Quoted from: page Laptopmag, the comments in the AMD Financial Analyst Day suggest the PS5 can X. the architecture of the AMD-RDNA-2 the same with the Xbox series (mc/min)