Tedua descends from the top, Koiz is first in the standings

After a fairly quiet few weeks, the weekly rankings are back with some news. In the summer season, Italian hits reigned supreme among singles, and rap triumphed among albums. But now new entry they upset the balance.

A little new entrybut just enough to have fun positions which has been confirmed over the past three weeks. There weekly rating albums, singles and vinyls are replenished with new recordings with the arrival of the autumn season and the end of the summer season. Even if the hits of the summer still remain in the top of the most listened to songs.

Olivia Rodrigo's Coes Rating
Olivia Rodrigo and Coez triumph in the album rankings, photo Ansa — VelvetMag

After several weeks at the top of the best-selling albums chart, Tedua is forced to leave the top spot. September 8 marked the release of the group’s first joint album. Fra Quintale and Coes, LovebarsWhat he immediately reaches the top included in the Top 10 according to Fimi/Gfk. The couple reunited on the concert stage DO YOU LOVE ME 2023 and has already raised the question of the possibility of possible cooperation. Confirmation came shortly after with a message about new albumwhich seems to have already gained a large audience. Tedua therefore you must be content Second place With The Divine Comedy, the album that marked the acceleration of his career and took him to the top of all the charts in a short time. The secret may have been to reshape his style, especially among the lyrics, by combining literary references with stories from his personal past.

The final spot on the podium goes to another newcomer this week. Olivia Rodrigo released his latest album, Guts, and immediately took third place in terms of sales. The singer, although very young, is one of the most respected in the whole world. Just after the victory, how Best Editing To MTV VMA 2023 for an individual A vampireIn a release that saw Taylor Swift triumph on nearly every front, the artist relishes her professional successes before embarking on a new world tour for her audience.

Colors remain at the top of the singles charts

The ranking of the best-selling albums continues Geolierflew off the podium, with The Courage of Children – Act II. They follow him Nuclear tactical penguins With Fake news, who recently announced a new indoor tour next season in the main arenas of Italy. Sixth and seventh place driller With 10 AND Lazza With Sirius, which has been quite consistently in the Top 10 for more than a year. They close the ranking Travis Scott With Utopia, Marco Mengoni With Matter (Prism) AND Artie Siv With Waiting for life.

Nek Renga Rating Kolors
Rating between singles and vinyls: Nek, Renga and The Kolors, photo Ansa – VelvetMag

They surprise and resist new entries. Colors V singles ranking With Italodisco. The group has been the main character of this summer season and still shows no signs of being ready to release new hits.

Podium vinyl ratingHowever, the release of new records created a complete revolution. Coez and Fra Quintail again took first place with Lovebars followed by Olivia Rodrigo with Guts. The final stage sees a new and unprecedented collaboration between Neck and Francesco Renga With RengaNeck.

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