Tedua strips Travis Scott from the top of the standings

Another week, but with little news now that we have almost reached the end of the summer season. This week’s ranking confirms the top 10 selling positions, including singles, albums and vinyl records. Even if there are some minor hiccups.

The world of rap has been confirmed to be among the public’s favorites among the sales recorded by Fimi, especially among albums. On the contrary, in classification of the singles from the last seven days, the soundtracks of this hot season are still in the lead. Looking forward to an autumn full of surprises new releases.

Tedua strips Travis Scott from the top of the standings
Ranking: First Tedua to depose Travis Scott, photo by Ansa – VelvetMag

After three weeks at the top of the Fimi best-selling album charts, Travis Scott is forced out of the Top 10. Take first place in the standings again Tedua With The Divine Comedy. With his back album on the recording scene, the rapper has completely changed his situation, now he has been on the podium of the best-selling albums for several weeks, exactly since the debut of the album. A mixture of autobiographical imagery and literary references, all in an unmistakable rap key what distinguishes Tedua’s style from his debut. Travis Scott With Utopia ranks second, but he can also be satisfied with the success he had here in Italy on the last surprise leg of his tour last August 7 at Circus Maximus To Rome. Kanye West was also in attendance for an unprecedented on-stage appointment that infuriated the public. Closes the third step of the pedestal driller With 10. The famous producer made his debut on the recording scene with his first album. An ambitious project that brings together more than twenty of the most sought-after artists on the new music scene.

The Kolors are the stars of this summer and from the singles chart.

The rating continues without much change compared to last week. The fourth is still geolier With Children’s Courage – Act II, which continues its unstoppable summer tour to the sound of music reviews. Following me Nuclear tactical penguins With fake news and the stadium tour is now almost in its final stages. Stable, respectively, in sixth and seventh place in the chart of the best-selling albums are Lazza With Sirius AND Marco Mengoni With Matter (Prism). In the eighth and ninth positions, it’s the turn blanco With Enamored and for me Bumdabash With Sold. In tenth place, he unexpectedly climbs into the Top 10 Waiting for the good life From Artie Siv.

Color Rating
The real “kings” of the summer chart: The Kolors, photo by Ansa – VelvetMag

To conquer the rating of the most streamed singles for another week, instead Colors. WITH Italodisco the Italian band is confirmed to be the protagonist of this hot season. On the sea, in the pool and on summer nights it was impossible not to have fun under the notes of this crackling piece of music. The rest of the podium remains unchanged from Black glasses From Ava, Anna AND Chief Plaza AND Bon Ton from Drillionaire, Sfera Ebbasta, Blanco, Michelangelo and Lazza.

Among vinyls, they occupy the first place at the top of the rankings. Pink Floyd With Dark side of the Moon. Only second place new entry weeks from Modest From Tony Boy. Closing the runway Travis Scott with Astroworld.

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