Tedua talks about “The Divine Comedy”: “Personal hell is deceiving oneself”

Genoa – He crossed the Styx of fear and went out to “see the stars again”. Tedua with his new album “The Divine Comedy”, in which he traverses Hell and Purgatory with his signature rap inspired by Dante, breaking all listening records. The Genoese rapper has produced an ambitious and poetic work with few precedents in hip hop.

Leopard, should everyone aspire to heaven?

“There’s no choice here. In records I try to stir conscience. My Inferno was becoming famous with the resulting conflict between the needs of the industry and my free creativity, today is Purgatory, it’s a transition from living on the road to making music being passed over to be able to afford a separate existence. Heaven will be a new state of awareness. We must all aim to become better human beings.”

In “Baggli” and “Outro Purgatorio” you talk about personal topics: from your mother’s tumor to your insecurities.

«They were the last pieces I wrote. I had to face my demons and only then, when I was looking inside, was I able to go deeper. They were pains that I had carried with me for years, but that I could not get out of.”

what was stopping you?

«The pandemic, as I tell you, was a very difficult moment. I went through depression. With Covid taking away our sociality, I was faced with a crisis that convinced me I would have spent the best years of my youth locked up at home. Artistically I was obsessed with technique and put the fire of intention in the background. The music industry at that historical stage seemed too superficial to me».

How do you quell that personal hell?

«Analysing yourself with humility. Going back to traveling has also helped me a lot. I’ve put more order into my daily life: stop using joints, have healthier working and living hours. And then I realized that the craziness that has always eluded me should not be taken away. I have always been identified as a contagious energy: I had lost that light. Self-betrayal is the greatest personal hell into which we can fall.”

Are you taking us through to the group stage?

«There are “bad” wounds, this storm. The song “Ho” with Sfera Ebbasta represents lust. This is a piece of dancing in hellish clubs, where sometimes, at night, you risk giving negative values. “Sophiera” has a reference to Dante’s Paolo and Francesca: it is on the wind of inner change. With Marrakesh “Flood in July” I let off steam and took off my clothes. Initially I wanted to call him Jim Morrison, while I called “Red Light” Jimi Hendrix, as if I had met these characters».

Some say that you have taken a lot of courage.

«I’m a guy who works as a hotelier, not a professor. I don’t want to pretend to be an intellectual with quotes that are not mine. Do I have a fancy title? Yes, is it daring to reinterpret “The Divine Comedy” in your own way? Yes, but I did it honestly, to make something that was mine».

Why do you want to “author rappers”?

«For me, one should try to put content in mainstream hits as well. Otherwise, music remains confined in the race for superficiality and consumerism. Look who’s making history in America: Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Kanye West. Rappers with content. On the other hand, in Italy, many rappers are satisfied, they don’t dare».

You will reach 100,000 tickets sold for your next tour. How will this record translate live?

«I saw Kendrick live last summer and I was speechless: he is my first source of inspiration. I want to create something mysterious and powerful. Some incredible, but reliable».

In the record you describe a bored bourgeoisie you meet in the “Milan Well”. Who do you surround yourself with today?

« No more old friends and mediocre people who want to improve. I am anti-classist: I don’t care if someone is the daughter of workers or notaries, the important thing is that they stick to values ​​and that they work to progress culturally».

Will Jannat be a different chapter?

« Yes, I will tell it with new songs that I hope to release within the year. I want to take the time to visit Pineta di Aranzano, where it all started, and spend a few days there with my girlfriend. Sea sunset. The more years pass, the more I feel that Liguria is closely related to my real vision of Heaven».

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